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Throughout the event, attendees will collaborate, discuss and learn during educational sessions, small group discussions, networking opportunities, and more. Don't miss your chance to meet peers and Beck Technology team members during Precon World.

At Beck Technology, our mandate is innovation. For over 25 years, we’ve served the construction industry by applying technology to the preconstruction process, in order to provide greater value for firms and end clients.

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"Precon World is a great synergy to learn a lot of things about what other companies are doing, what are the innovative things that are out there that other companies are also doing, and what we need to do for advancing preconstruction in the industry." Jimmy Bates, Haskell

"Everybody's been willing to talk about their experiences. And more than willing to talk about their successes with [DESTINI Estimator] and their challenges so I really enjoyed the openness of everybody conversing and sharing." Luke Vanderbloemen, Alston Construction

"The reason I attended Precon World was really to get with the community and see what people are doing with the [DESTINI platform] and see if we could use some of that knowledge and bring it back to our company and kind of change the way that we do things." Sean Cotter, Warfel Construction

Watch Precon World 2023 Sessions

Employing Downstream Information for Cost History_thumbnail

Employing Downstream Information for Cost History

Traci Brower, a senior estimator at Clark Construction Company discusses how thy use the Multiple Location Estimate Summary Dashboard in DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software.

Developing the Next Generation of Precon Professionals_thumbnail

Developing the Next Generation of Precon Professionals

Taimoor Khan, Vice President of Preconstruction at Satterfield & Pontikes and University of Houston Professor discusses how to train the next generation of preconstruction professionals.

Prequalification in Preconstruction The Integrated Technology Stack_thumbnail

Prequalification in Preconstruction: The Integrated Technology Stack

Michael Ho, CEO of Bespoke Metrics talks about prequalification and utilizing your data in this session.

Implementation Lessons Learned_thumbnail

Implementation Lessons Learned

This session covers how to have a smooth software implementation when switching construction estimating software presented by Andrea Schramm, Senior Estimator, and Kristin Vrana, Senior Implementation Specialist at Beck Technology.

Inside Out Change_thumbnail

Inside: Out Change

Change is hard. Two experienced precon professionals guide you through the lessons they learned during change initiatives.

Production-Based Estimating Lifecycle Strategy to Quantities to Analysis_thumbnail

Production-Based Estimating Lifecycle: Strategy to Quantities to Analysis

Chris Reeder, Preconstruction Technology Manager and Garrett Cleveland, Preconstruction Manager Brasfield & Gorrie discuss using DESTINI Estimator estimating software for self-perform work.

Predictable Deliverable A Recipe for OAC Happiness_thumbnail

Predictable Deliverable: A Recipe for OAC Happiness

Why do you want to replicate your preconstruction process? Garrett Vance from Join, a tracking, monitoring, and documenting project decisions software, gives you the answer.

Building Smarter Leveraging AI and ChatGPT for Enhanced Preconstruction Planning_thumbnail

Building Smarter: Leveraging AI and ChatGPT for Enhanced Preconstruction Planning

Johnny Maghzal, Head of Product Development at Togal.AI artificial intelligence takeoff software, presents the future of Togal takeoff software.

Power of Dashboards_thumbnail

Power of Dashboards

Jim Murphy, Precon Executive, Kalie Ward, Precon Executive, and Jarred Hall, Senior Data Engineer from Truebeck Construction, talk about the power of dashboards within DESTINI Estimator.